eh2 Business Efficiencies

The Team

eh2 GmbH originated from and ran the IT for Burger King EMEAuntil 2015. Our responsibility was to provide full functionality for the Supply Chain, Business Intelligence and restaurant systems for Burger King EMEA. Based on that experience, eh2 developed modern (POS-)Solutions for Companies in different sectors. The products SERVAL SERVAL Ordering and IMPALA IMPALA netPos are on the market

eh2 gmbh     Arnim Humbert

Arnim Humbert
  • Managing Director and Chief Operating Officer (COO)
  • 17 years of experience in leading positions (last as Director IT EMEA) within international IT companies provide a broad background for Arnim. His expertise lies in CAx, PDM/PLM, IT architecture, business intelligence, process management, human resource systems, POS management, SOA/webservices management for distributed systems, SAP system management and process change management.
  • During the last 10 years Arnim was responsible for architecture, set-up and operation of the central business intelligence and supply chain IT solutions for the EMEA region.

eh2 gmbh     Tom Eicher

Tom Eicher
  • Managing Director and Chief Technology Officer (CTO)
  • Active since 1993 in numerous IT projects, as developer, project manager, team lead and most recently as freelancing software architect.
  • His special expertise is software design and architecture, project management, requirements engineering and management, quality assurance and software processes according to ISO/TR 15504 (SPICE).
  • Tom has a broad background and years of practice in networks, databases and agile methodology. He designs, develops and maintains since 2004 the central IT system of Burger King DACH organization, BKIM. This system handles hundreds of thousands of orders and complaints every year, controls the operational master data of hundreds of restaurants and manages thousands of article master data.

eh2 gmbh     Christian Lindner

Christian Lindner
  • Project Manager Sales
  • Has more than 10 years experience as key account project manager at sales services. He was responsible for projects of well-known customers like BMW, Skoda, UniCredit Bank AG, as well as agencies and other partner companies.
  • He is responsible for all sales projects and point-of-contact for customers and resellers.

eh2 gmbh     Wolfram Sobotta

Wolfram Sobotta
  • Software development and maintenance
  • Hands on experience since 1999 in software development in various projects for banks, automotive manufacturers and dealers and maintenance of various server systems.
  • Among other things Wolfram was responsible for the development of callcenter applications, customer self service and master data management systems.
  • He also maintained and developed BKIM, the central IT system of Burger King DACH.

eh2 gmbh     Pascal Krattenmacher

Pascal Krattenmacher
  • All things tech and administration
  • Supports our customers with setup, operations and master data management
  • Tests new features and versions of our software
  • Writes and maintains the documentation for our systems