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Beginning with the 01.01.2017 new financial regulations will be in place. The GoBD will become binding for all businesses. This can be a huge change especially for businesses which didn't use any electronic cash registers yet. There will be cases where it will still be allowed to run a business without an electronic cash register, but it is quite unclear how the financial authorities will handel this in detail. Even small bookkeeping mistakes could mean that your business will be estimated, rather than taxed according to your books.

  • Avoid tax estimates and make sure you're on the safe side.

  • Make your book-keeping easier with automated daily reports

  • Get right to work, as our easiy to use cash registers don't need long trainings

  • Safe on high investments with the consumer tablets used in our system

  • Our slim cash registers are very mobile and almost maintenance-free.

  • You'll just pay for what you really use. Our fair pay-as-you-go system will reduce your costs further.

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