eh2 Business Efficiencies

Our Idea

eh2 gmbh     The Environment


Rapidly changing market conditions and global influences require constant process adjustment and cost optimization. Due to increasing cost pressure, it is necessary to seek synergies for commodity and back office processes. Successful positioning in difficult market conditions is only possible with focus on the core business.

The ability to offer better quality and conditions comes from increasing automation of business processes. It becomes necessary for each and every enterprise to transport data and information from and to a multitude of end points. Unfortunately it has been shown that the standardisation of data and information exchange is not as far developed as necessary and therefore eats up a lot of effort.

eh2 gmbh     The Foundation


Data centers attached to the internet provide an abundance of performance, which can be set up quickly and basically scales limitless. The global cloud makes it possible to access that performance worldwide. This, together with a communication technology which is accessible from every location, enables the creation of virtual IT environments.

With that, costs and problems caused by local installations are of the past. Efforts for local installations are gone for good as well, so are local causes of many a defect, and the need to perform local version upgrades. In addition, such a virtual IT enables distribution of changes and adjustments of solutions and processes much more quickly to all participating parties.

eh2 gmbh     Our Idea


Utilizing these new technologies the eh2 GmbH specialises in providing synergies for customers with multi-unit and franchise operations.

Our focus is provisioning of services in the field of back-office and business-to-business (B2B) and thus increases the efficiency of your business processes. This allows you to free up resources for your core business. With this approach even small and medium sized businesses can utilize the efficiency of big companies, but without investments, expert staff or special know-how necessary.

eh2 has developed a method to provide changes for your most important solutions and processes in no time. Idle time will be reduced to a bare minimum. Long lasting projects for development and configuration are a matter of the past. In addition, you enjoy the benefits of being able to cover your entire back office with a competent partner.

"Pay-as-you-go" solutions allow an investment-free use of our services and scale easily and quickly with every expansion or structural adjustment