SERVAL Ordering

...with a Bite!

The B2B Order Management System!
Effortless ‐ Straightforward ‐ Without Invest
Purpose-made for Franchisors and Distributors

SERVAL Ordering     Benefits

You as a Franchisor ...

  • actively control the flow of goods to your chain stores
  • have overview over the complete process; especially when multiple distributors are involved
  • optimize the logistics cost
  • implement individual or regional variations in the product line itself
  • work more efficient and precise thanks to controlled processes and data instantly available in electronic form

You as a Distributor ...

  • can win franchise systems as new customers
  • provide your customers with a modern, ergonomic and attractive system with many additional benefits
  • bundle the processes and actively control the order volume of many customers in only one system ‐ thus reducing cost thanks to synergies
  • can determine order volume for Just-In-Time or Made-To-Order items within seconds after order close
  • operate only one interface into your ERP/WMS system

SERVAL Ordering       ... because Chain Store Distribution is different!

 Delivery Schedules

respects delivery frequency to each chain store, providing for different tours and tour deferrals due to bank holidays etc.

 Information Platform

secure, targeted information and data transfer, without fax, paper or eMail.

 Ordering Amount Control

features like Max Quantity and Push Orders avoid item order peaks and the sell-out of short items, and distribute special items.


just one system across all countries, languages, currencies and timezones.


independent of operating system, platform and location; no PC installations. Also on mobile devices.


flexible terms to meet your demands; no contractual obligations. No invest.
A webshop won't do!
✘ A webshop
won't do!

SERVAL Ordering     Screenshots

The following screenshots show data of our fictional franchise system "Buletten & Bier" (B&B, meaning "Meatloafs & Beer"), which we use to test and demo the eh2 systems. All data is completely made up.
While the system is translated to and shown in english language here, the demo data (e.g. article names) has not been translated, that's why german words appear on the english screenshots.

Screens for ordering Store


Up-to-date Info-Messages upon logon

Ordering Home

Current orders and their state

Order Form

Input of individual order

Screens for authorized agent

Article List with Search

Searching for article in catalogue

Article Details

Maintenance of an article


Editing Info-Texts

Max Quantities

List of all configured maximum order quantities


Live status view of current ordering run

Chart Report

Live report displayed as Chart

Tabular Report

Live report displayed in table


SERVAL Ordering     Stories

On our YouTube Channel you can watch SERVAL SERVAL Ordering in action. There, we're telling stories about our fictional franchise system "Buletten & Bier" (B&B, meaning "Meatloafs & Beer"), which we use to test and demo the eh2 Order Management system. All data is completely made up. All videos are currently in German language, sorry.
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eh2 YouTube Channel


SERVAL Ordering     Functions and Features


  • Master Data: Article and Chain Store master data are conveniently entered into and maintained directly in the system. We also support standardized catalogue formats, e.g. BMEcat. The system supports individual item catalogues by product line or distributor.
  • Individualization: All control data (item availability, Max Quantities, Push Orders, Info data, ...) can be configured system-wide, per chain store group or down to the individual chain store.
  • Validity Control: The availability of items, Max Quantities, Push Orders and item prices are controlled in advance per configured life-spans, which are automatically activated/deactivated ‐ at any time, day or night, workday or bank holiday.
  • Delivery Schedules: The order and delivery dates and times of the individual product lines are imported automatically into SERVAL SERVAL Ordering. They are presented to the individual chain store in a well-arranged manner.
  • Process Control: Every ordering process runs per the client's specifications. After order closing, the authorized agent has a distinct overview of the ordering run ‐ as a whole or down to the individual order. Single order items or orders may be corrected where necessary. After the authorized agent's approval, the orders are being sent out. All changes to any order item are being logged in the system and are easily accessible by any authorized user.
  • Max Quantities: The maximum order amount for any item can be limited.
  • Push Order: Items can be allotted to orders with the configured amount once or repeatedly.
  • Catalogue: Detailed info for each orderable item is available directly in the system and always up-to-date. This includes photos, manuals, data sheets etc.
  • Ordering Cockpit: During and after order taking, the Ordering Cockpit provides clearly laid-out views on accumulated and individual ordering amounts and values. This allows to find deviations and runaway values.
  • Information Platform: Info Messages and electronic documents are shown to the user directly after logging on to the system.
  • Internationalized: All monetary amounts in the system are processed respecting their currency (and the defined number of decimals). The system translates all temporal data into the time zone of the current user and displays time zone information. All parts of the system are internationalized (currently English and German).
  • Transport Security: The orders are transferred to the target system in a secured and controlled way. Transfer failures are reported back to the authorized agent.
  • Reporting: Tabular and chart reports run directly on the operational data and are always instantly available.


  • Web-based: SERVAL SERVAL Ordering does not require any software installations, upgrades or maintenances. It can be accessed using any modern internet browser, including those from tablet computers and smartphones.
  • Simple User Interface: The user interface of all eh2 modules is based on well known web interface components. The interface is intuitive and easy to use.
  • Data Protection: All technical installations are operated in professional data centers in Germany, respecting the data protection laws there. The data of individual customers are stored in technically separate systems. Any network communication is performed via encrypted channels only.
  • 24/7 Service: The system is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Powerful: Due to modern technologies and foresighted software design, the system has no limitations whatsoever concerning volume, number of product lines, stores, products and such. The system has been designed to process several thousand orders in a few minutes.
  • Development: Do you have additional requirements? Our system is being developed in an agile manner, and we would be happy to integrate your requirements. Please contact us to discuss solutions.
Talk to us to discuss the solution with the most efficiencies.