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The IMPALAIMPALA netPOS offers a slim and easy to use solution for your restaurant, which is highly flexible and mobile. Our centralized data storage allows for a location independent, real-time controlling, as well as for a centralized set-up of all devices and configurations. Even if your internet connection is unstable we guarantee a smooth operation. Functionalities like mobile order taking, kitchen and bar printing, easy to use table and bill splitting, or integrated up and cross selling will increase the efficiency of your employees and raise your profit. Never again forget to offer your guests a grande late instead of a regular one, or ask for additional whipped cream to a cake.

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Our mobile devices can handle up to 100 tables with 10 parties each. All of our handhelds for table service are also fully functional POS units. All the different devices in one restaurant or store are not depended on cloud synchronisation. Like this you don't need a master POS for order taking and bill printing. Additionally this makes your system independent from a steady and stable internet connection. All functions needed for the daily business remain accessible even if your internet connection is down.


Moving one party from one table to another is done in two simple steps. Just as easy are all types of voids or printing of a receipt. All functions are designed in a way to make it as easy as possible for your employees to work in the most efficient manner. A part of this are our integrated up- and cross-selling functions and the possibility to print or display ingredients and allergens of your food and drinks directly for the customer. Issues with food intolerances are a matter of the past.

IMPALA IMPALA netPOS operates in as many restaurants or stores as needed, all centrally administrated. Adding more POS, locations, interfaces or features does not require local manual installations and thus does not disturb your daily business. Each POS can be individually set up for table or counter service. IMPALA IMPALA netPOS supports your perfectly in all of your use cases (e.g. Beergarden, Bar, Table service, ice cream booth, self service, etc.) with one integrated POS system.


IMPALA IMPALA netPOS is so simple and intuitive to use, it'll give your temps and seasonal employees an easy start. Inexpensive Hardware costs and our pay-as-you-go payment model allows you to use and pay only for the service you need depending on your seasonal workload.